Desert Island Discs - Devised in Bushey

7 September - 19 November 2017

This year Desert Island Discs has been celebrating its 75th anniversary. Roy Plomley, who devised the programme, explained how it all started in his book, Desert Island Discs:

"I was just going to bed on the night of Monday, November 3rd 1941 when I had the inspiration. I was living in digs in a Hertfordshire village, my coal fire had gone out, and I was already in my pyjamas: nevertheless, I sat down at my typewriter and wrote to Leslie Perowne, who was in charge of the lighter kinds of record programmes".

That Hertfordshire village was Bushey, and his "digs" was a small cottage in Little Bushey Lane. Read his letter to the BBC, and their reply, and see who else from Bushey has been Cast Away.

The Bushey Millennium Embroidery

Year in Bushey:

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