A short book list of published works relating wholly or substantially to Bushey, prepared by B N D Wood, 2004. * Items asterisked are in print and available by personal visit to the Museum shop. Many are also available by mail Order
G Bailey & E G LongmanBushey Then and Now, Old Houses1971-
A L BaldryHubert von Herkomer RA, A Study and Biography1901-
H BedfordFrank Gascoigne Heath1995-
M BerryBushey Baptist Church1970-
* A BlessleyAllan Robert Brown and Hugh Boycott Brown1994£0.60
* A BlessleyThe Story of the Bushey Millennium Embroidery; Bushey Museum Information 92002£1.40
* N E BrowneLucy Kemp-Welch, A Biographical Note1995£0.60
* P BurrellLouie Burrell1997£2.50
Bushey Meads SchoolBushey Eye-WitnessND 1960s-
- Bushey Symphony Orchestra, 1975-19851985-
Bushey Urban District CouncilOfficial GuideVarious dates-
K CollinsBushey, An Outline History1984-
- Colne Valley Water Co, 1873-19731973-
C Cooling & I MackayOxhey in Pictures2000-
W L CourtneyHubert Herkomer, His Life and Work1892-
* L McC EdwardsHerkomer, A Victorian Artist1999£24.95
D FeeneyCongregational Church, Bushey - Triple Jubilee1959-
* S FreemanMary Forsdyke and Warren Lake; Bushey Museum Information 41997£0.95
F GossChurch of the Sacred Heart and St John the Evangelist1984-
R Groves and E G LongmanShopping in Bushey 1770 - Today1982-
T R Groves, EG Longman and BND WoodFrom the Wheatsheaf to the Windmill,The Story of Bushey and Oxhey Pubs1984-
G Montague HallSt James, Bushey1933-
G Montague HallA History of Bushey1938-
* J Hands and S. WoodleyMerry Hill School 1827-19722002£5.95
G HarfordA Short History of Bushey Artists 1769-19691969-
* N HedgesThe Gardening Societies in Bushey, Bushey Museum Information 11997£0.95
Sir Hubert von HerkomerMy School and My Gospel1908-
Sir Hubert von HerkomerThe Herkomers Volume I1910-
Sir Hubert von HerkomerThe Herkomers Volume II1911-
Hertsmere Borough CouncilOfficial GuidesVarious dates-
* J HorsfieldLife and Times at the Caley (The Royal Caledonian Schools)1996£5.00
* L HunterThe Reveley Charity; Bushey Museum Information 31997£0.95
C JordanBushey and Oxhey, 100 Years of Methodism1986-
E G LongmanThe Beginning of the Herkomer Art School1983-
* E G LongmanBushey and District Hospital1990£0.80
* E G LongmanBushey in the Domesday Book; Bushey Museum Information 61998£0.95
* E G LongmanBushey Then and Now, Introduction (4th ed)1997£2.00
E G LongmanBushey Then and Now 2-51967-1969-
* E G LongmanA Corner of England's Garden, Volume I and Volume II1977£4.50
*E G LongmanGeorge Owen Wynne Apperley1987£0.50
E G LongmanThe Herkomer Art School, 1883- 19001976-
E G LongmanThe Herkomer Art School and Subsequent Developments, 1901- 19181981-
* E G LongmanThe Herkomer Art School, A Re-assessment; Bushey Museum Information 71999£0.95
* E G LongmanEliza Cook, A Victorian Poet; Bushey Museum Information 82001£0.95
* E G LongmanMiguel Mackinley1990£0.30
* E G LongmanSir Hubert von Herkomer, A Biographical Note1993£0.60
* E G LongmanRobberies on Bushey Heath; Bushey Museum Information 21997£0.95
* E G Longman and B N D WoodBushey Village Trail (2nd ed)1989££1.25
* A J LuxfordA History of the Bells of St James1990£0.80
D MessumThe Life and Work of Lucy Kemp-Welch1976-
K MoxleyBushey Police Station 1884- 19841984-
J MurphyBushey Club 1886- 19921992-
* J MurphyBushey in 19002000£ 3.95
H Neunzert (Ed)Mansel Lewis and Hubert Herkomer1999-
H Neunzert (Ed)Sir Hubert von Herkomer, International Exhibition Catalogue1988-
A L Parkes and E A RichesA History of the Royal Masonic School for Boys, Volume I1975-
* G B ParkinThe Arts and Crafts of Bushey Heath2003£2.95
* G B ParkinAn Illustrated History of St. Peter's2004£4.95
* S Poole (Ed)A Passion for Work, Sir H von Herkomer 1849-19141982£1.35
* S Poole (Ed)Stand to Your Work, Sir H von Herkomer and his Students1983£1.50
* M PritchardSir Hubert von Herkomer and Film-Making in Bushey1987£3.95
D L PullanSt Margaret's School, Bushey1949-
Queens' SchoolQueens' School, The First Ten Years1979-
E A Riches and N J SmithA History of the Royal Masonic School for Boys, Volume II1984-
A RiderSt James, Bushey Parish Church1981-
* M RobertsBushey, A Book to read and colour2002£2.40
J Saxon MillsThe Life and Letters of Sir Hubert Herkomer1923-
L SmithBushey Baptist Church 1870-19951995-
J J StantonA History of the Old Masonians Association1986-
J Taylor-GoobyThe Story of St Peter's, Bushey Heath1987-
* M ThompsonHugh Wallis, Artist and Art Metal Worker2005£12.00
*D ToveyW H Y Titcomb, an artist of many parts1985£4.50
H C WhiteBushey's Painting Heritage1976-
J WittWilliam Henry Hunt, 1790- 1864, Life and Work1982-
B N D WoodBushey, Archive Photographs1997-
*B N D Wood (Ed)Bushey House and its Gardens; Bushey Museum Information 51998£0.95
J M WoodA History of the Methodist Church of Bushey Heath1983-
L WortleyLucy Kemp-Welch, The Spirit of the Horse1996-